Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Purtenance - 1992 - Member of Immortal Damnation

A while back I posted the Purtenance Avulsion demo, an excellent slice of masterful Finnish death metal. After the release of that demo, the band dropped the "Avulsion" from the band name and released a 7" called Crown Waits the Immortal in 1991, which I still have yet to obtain a copy of (some fucker on ebay beat me by $1 in in the last minute of the auction). And after that was released, they unleashed their magnum opus, one of my favorite pieces of Finnish death metal, Member of Immortal Damnation, in 1992. They took all the elements that made that demo so great, such as the well crafted song writing, the chunky Euro-death riffing, the perfectly placed sluggish doom sections and blood soaked production, and cranked it up a few notches.

This is an excellent death metal album. As I said, it's one of my favorites to ever come out of Finland. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apolion's Genocide - 1993 - Olupicsid Nu A Anedro Sathanas Demo

Apolion's Genocide were a Columbian black metal band who, despite being around for 7 years (or more), only released 3 demos. This is the only one I've heard, but I've been told that the other two do not compare, but that also isn't saying too much considering how incredible this demo is.

The music on Olupicsid Nu A Anedro Sathanas is very atmospheric and haunting black metal, somewhat similar to the first two Samael albums. But like I said, only somewhat. This demo really stands on its own in terms of uniqueness. For the most part, this demo is pretty doom-paced but of course it is completely and undeniably black metal, with it the atmosphere created by the cold and chilling guitars, creepy bass, double tracked vocals (one a higher black metal rasp and another a death growl), excellent use of organ synths and crawling drums (although that is not an uncommon quality found in doom metal). It may not sound like anything mind-blowing, which is really why you need to hear this for yourself.

This demo will surely possess you as it did to me, and that is a promise. Download, download, download.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brainstorm (Ukr) - 1995 - Brainstorm 7"

Brainstorm are an obscure Ukrainian band who played some REALLY bizarre death metal/ritual music (for lack of a better term). I really can't even describe it. It is just so dark and ritualistic. I advise those who partake in the consumption of good mind-altering substances to do so before listening to this one.


Doombringer - 2008 - Primeval Sorcery (Demo)

Doombringer is a side project of the Polish black/death masterminds Bestial Raids, along with the excellent Cultes Des Ghoules. But with Doombringer they get rid of the black metal influences and create some damn good death metal in the vein of the ancients. I really think these guys can do no wrong. Utter filth!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Mystifier - 1989 - Tormenting the Holy Trinity Demo LP

Ever since last wednesday when I got the fantastic Mystifier 1989-1993 Baphometic Goat Worship boxset that was just put by NWN, I have been listening to nothing but Mystifier, and this demo in particular.

Tormenting the Holy Trinity is my second favorite Mystifier recording (Göetia being the first), and the reasons why are plain and simple. This demo definitely shows them at their rawest and most bestial stage and is pretty much the epitome of all things unholy and evil. Everything is extremely fast without ever getting old, and even at the first stage of their progression to the masterpieces that would follow for the next 4 years, they still had song writing skills that were above a lot of other black/death metal contemperaries, as well as more interesting lyrics then the average band of that era. But of course the lyrics are nothing compared to what was to follow on later releases, where they began to discuss things such as the occult and dark literature.

Highly fucking recommended, along with the rest of the boxset. Download and buy!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Tudor - 1990 & 1991 - Zombie demo & Skeletor demo

Tudor are a Czechoslovakian band who used to play some REALLY excellent black metal, as shown on these two demos. Like the majority of 80's/early 90's Czechoslovakian black metal, Tudor had a unique sound not really resembling too many other bands of that time period. Instead of just conforming to what was going on in Norway at the time, which is what a lot of bands started to do in the early 1990's, they followed down the path that was created by all the great black metal acts of the 80's in the sense that they drew a lot of influence from thrash and speed metal, but still added their own brand of wickedness to the mix and pumped out some truly awesome black metal.

What you will hear on these two demos is crude and unrefined thrashy black metal of the highest order. The overall production and sound is not terrible, but still pretty raw, but the music well makes up for it. Like I said before, this is some truly excellent stuff. Highly, highly recommended.

If anyone has a rip of tape-only Bloody Mary album or can make me a copy, please contact me at pbschofield@gmail.com.