Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Diocletian - 2005 - Demo I

Diocletian, hailing from New Zealand, play bestial black/death metal in the Blasphemy/Bestial Warlust/Archgoat vein and they do it damn well. They are definitely one of the best current bands in this genre.

Here is a rip from my own copy of the tape. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mourning (Hol) - 1992 - Greetings from Hell

So I'm back from my two week trip to Florida with no internet, and this album was getting played pretty frequently throughout the trip. It's an obscure piece of death/doom from Holland, home to other classic death/doom acts such as Semptiternal Deathreign, Delirium and Asphyx. Great stuff.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Purtenance Avulsion - 1991 - Demo

Purtenance Avulsion released one demo under this name before shortening it to just Purtenance, where they released and EP and a full length (both are also very good). The music on this demo is very solid, well written death metal with nice transitions between the face paced death metal sections and the sludgier doom sections. The production is also pretty good for a demo which is always a plus.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Celtic Frost - 7/10/86 Cleveland + Onslaught (UK) - 1984 Rehearsal

Here is a live Celtic Frost recording from 1986 and an Onslaught rehearsal from 1984 (a double whammy!).

As expected, the Celtic Frost recording has a rough sound to it but you can still hear what's going on and it's just nice to hear a live recording back from when they were a great band. The Onslaught rehearsal also has a rough sound to it, but that is expected considering it was probably recorded on a boombox. For those who don't know or just are not familiar with early Onslaught, Onslaught started out playing a crust/punk proto-thrash sound, not too far off from Sodom's early demos, Hellhammer, and Impostor (Nor).

So here they are - nice, rare and raw for ya. Enjoy.

Celtic Frost - Live 7/10/86

Onslaught - 1984 Rehearsal

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autopsy Torment - Orgy With The Dead 12'' LP

This here is the first Autopsy Torment full length. Like their other material, this is old school death metal that is more on the simplistic side. Those familiar with this band will know what to expect. It stays mostly mid tempo throughout the album, but the way it all gets delivered is what keeps it from getting boring. One of the things I love most about this band is Devil Lee Rot's sickening vocals. He sounds like he is choking on vomit while singing along to his favorite Bathory album after gargling some shards of glass. They really are that vile. And I can't think of any band that would be more appropriate to lay those sickening vocals upon other then the mighty Autopsy Torment.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Toxodeth - 1988 - Phantasms Demo

This is the 1988 demo from Mexican death metal band Toxodeth. I actually ripped this from the LP released in 2006 by Utterly Somber Creations. I'm not going to post pictures of the LP because, like all of those Utterly Somber demo compilations, the layout is absolutely horrendous (seriously, what the fuck are they thinking?). Anyway, this is a great demo. These guys were only 17-18 years old at the time and were one of the first bands on the small Mexican death metal scene. They went on to release 2 LPs, and I will upload one of them (1989's Mysteries About Life and Death) sometime in the near future once I get around to ripping it to my computer.

Here it is. Enjoy.