Saturday, May 30, 2009

Necrovore - 1987 - Divus De Mortuus (high quality rip)

It has been a while since my last update, and for that I apologize. However, I can make it up to you. What I have here is a HIGH quality rip of Necrovore's legendary Divus De Mortuus demo. This little piece of death metal history is not only remembered for its extreme historical significance, but also for its sheer relentless fury.

Everything about it just fucking rules. Pretty much every riff is memorable, as the way they weave abrassive chromaticity with heaviness and brutality is just stellar. Accompanying these excellent riffs is John DePlachett's maniacal vomit-soaked vocals, which at the time was easily one of the most ferocious vocal performances metal had ever seen. The drumming, done by Scott Staffney, is equally as vicious, and does a fine, albeit somewhat sloppy, job, and really beats the shit out of those skins.

So here it is, a damn nice high quality rip of the mighty Divus De Mortuus, converted directly from lossless to 320 kbps. It surpasses any other rip I've heard before, and definitely smears shit all over that Unreleased Evil bootleg that just came out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Törr - 1992 - Chípni o kus dál

To continue where I left off with the Debustrol demo LP, here is another black/thrash gem from the Czech Republic, and from none other then the almighty Törr, a band that I've made painfully obvious that I absolutely worship. Anyone who liked the other Törr material and hasn't heard this one yet will most definitely not be disappointed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hellspawn (Bra) - 1993 - Unholy Ancient Masters 7" + More Reviews

Hellspawn were a very short-lived Brazilian band who only, to my knowledge at least, released this one 7", which is a shame because it's a damn fine slab of death metal. The music itself isn't anything mindblowing by any means, but it's still some well played death metal and actually has more US death metal influences then Brazilian ones.

I also wrote some more reviews. Here they are:
Abhorer - Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt
Almighty Sathanas - Spit on Virgin
Gorguts - And Then Comes Lividity
Insanity (US) - 1985 Demo
Messiah (Che) - Powertrash
Mutation (Sgp) - Malignant Existence
Rippikoulu - Musta Seremonia
Witches Hammer - Stretching Into Infinity

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Looking for the following Polish demos...

192 kbps rips or higher of the following Polish demos would be highly appreciated:

Slaughter - Into the Darkness (1989)
Betrayer - Necronomical Exmortis (1992)
Lastwar - Skazani Na Zaglade (1990)
Prosecutor - Krew Czarnej Ziemi (1992)
Armagedon - Czas Przetrwania (1989)
Armagedon - Dead Condemnation (1990)
Slashing Death - All demos
DDT - both demos

Thank you.

Messiah (Che) - 2004 - Powertrash Demo (1985) /The Infernal Thrashing Demo (1986)

First of all, I'd like to thank the kind gentlemen who helped me obtain quality rips of these beasts. Thank you, good sir!

Messiah were a Swiss band that played vicious death/thrash throughout the 80's, but would develop a far more flat-out death metal-oriented sound once the 90's came around. Personally, and this seems to be the general opinion as well, their 80's material surpasses the 90's stuff by miles, and these two demos are good examples as to why (but 1986's Hymn to Abramelin is really their masterpiece).

Both demos differ quite a bit from eachother. Powertrash, although it is an awesome demo, is much more underdeveloped in terms of songwriting, as well as musicianship, and has more a Hellhammer type sound then the ripping death/thrash they would develop a year later. It's actually amazing how much they improved in such a short amount of time. And by the time they got around to recording their first LP, Hymn to Abramelin, which is one of my favorite albums of all time, they had become masters of the craft and made history.

I had to use megaupload because the file size exceeds 100 MB's, but is it me or has megaupload gotten pretty damn fast and efficient (aside from those irritating spam protector code things)?