Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nocturnal Blood - 2008 - True Spirit of Old... (Demo)

Ever since the bestial black/death genre had its sudden, and greatly successful, reemergence, there has been an array of different bands from all over the world, all sticking to the general aesthetics put in place by the genre’s forefathers - Blasphemy, Abhorer, Beherit, Sarcofago, Archgoat, etc. Like all forms of music, some bands are far superior to their other contemporaries, and this more-than-promising demo is a clear indicator that Nocturnal Blood are, and probably will remain, one of these bands who plainly stick out amongst the rest. Although this demo has enough of the defining characteristics to deem this black/death metal, it certainly has enough of its own characteristics to set it apart from a lot of other black/death metal bands.

While a lot of these black/death bands draw lots of influence from the savage and relentless nature of bands such as Bestial Warlust and Blasphemy, Nocturnal Blood seem to draw a lot elements from the eeriness and ethereality on Beherit’s Drawing Down the Moon, Demoncy’s Joined In Darkness and Von’s Satanic Blood. One big element that is carried throughout both bands though is the Hellhammer influence, which is ALWAYS a good thing, no matter what kind of metal it is. A lot of the demo is fairly mid-paced and very simplistic, but these are in no way undermining factors, as they actually help a lot with the ritual-like atmosphere.

In terms of production, this demo is almost perfect. The one and only flaw is that the drums are a bit too far in the background, which is a real shame because this Nocturnal Ghoul fellow really knows his way around a drum set better then some of the other black/death drummers. When he plays fast, he does it with pummeling force and precision, and when he plays slow, he takes that precision and applies it to playing ploddingly and heavily. He does not try anything fancy as it is not necessary here, but he also does not need to in order to make his talent more than apparent. The heavy reverb added to the drums also adds a dark and cavernous aura to them, which is yet another reason why I wish they could have just been a tad louder.

The guitars are a double tracked thick wall of down-tuned sludge, which, like the drums, have been soaked in reverb and let out to dry a little bit, just enough to prevent it from being overbearing. The sluggish, more lethargic riffs remind me of Archgoat’s slower sections – simple, effective, and damn heavy. These work as a fluent contrast to the fast, tremolo-picked riffs that are interspersed throughout the demo. The bass follows the guitars playing mostly root notes and with a gritty, chunky tone, and has been soaked in the appropriate amount of reverb to match the other instruments.

One of the greatest highlights of the demo is without a doubt the putrid and nauseatingly vile vocal work of Nocturnal Blood’s one and only member, Nocturnal Ghoul. He mostly sticks to a demonic growl, which in that sense is similar to his vocal work in his former band, Nuclear Desecration (who sadly broke up a couple months ago, but this demo is better anyway). But that is really the only similarity between the two styles. On here, he growls in more of an eerie, chilling manner, as opposed to his more relentless and bestial delivery in Nuclear Desecration. The end result of this change is far more suiting for this sound, and he pulls it off perfectly.

Nocturnal Ghoul has mastered this style of black/death metal and has really made it his own. Personally, I like this demo more then his work with Nuclear Desecration, which is saying A LOT considering how great Desecrated Temple of Impurity was. The way he makes all these elements intertwine with one another creates an atmosphere like no other, and I eagerly wait for what lies ahead for Nocturnal Blood.

Here is a 320kbps tape rip. HIGHLY fucking recommended.


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sarcofagus - 1980 - Cycle of Life

Sarcofagus were the very first heavy metal band from Finland to officially release an album (or maybe to even exist?). And yet, for some extraordinarily bizarre reason, they are still hardly ever mentioned when the topic of Finnish metal is brought up. I am completely oblivious as to why, not only because of their historical importance in the Finnish metal scene, but also because their first two LPs are just simply brilliant.
What you will find here is outstanding heavy metal that gives other early 80's metal heroes such as Angel Witch and Manilla Road a run for their money.

The song "Feed Me" is also something of note. Where the hell did that come from? Completely awesome.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Electrocution - 1993 - Inside the Unreal + 1992 - Remains Demo

Inside the Unreal is an absolutely essential album for all fans of old death metal. Why this album is not more well known is beyond me, but those who do know it, will often tell you the same thing that I just did. The band's superlative songwriting skills shine in every track and keep you interested throughout the entire 37 minutes. There really is not a dull moment in sight. This is the sort of death metal that has a strong hypnotic effect to it, similar in that sense to Sororicide's The Entity or Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness. Obviously, all these albums are drastically different styles of death metal, but they all have the same mesmerizing quality to them, created partly by the production, but also the way the notes are arranged. Listen to all these albums back to back and you will see what I mean.

I also included the 1992 Remains demo, which is a good peek at what would come next.

If anyone has any of their other demos on any format, please send me an


Inside the Unreal LP
Remains (Demo)

**I fixed the link. My bad.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mystifier - 1990 - The Evil Ascension Returns EP

This is the second Mystifier recording, and is the only non-demo release that came out before Wicca. The Evil Ascension Returns was originally released as a 7" in 1990 on Maniac Records, and was later pressed on a 12" along with some live tracks for the Baphometic Goat Worship box set. The early versions of both of the songs on this recording were also on the first demo but under different names - "Ancient Prediction" = "Mystifier" and "Sign of the Unholy Cross" = "Christian Proscription". Not only are the song titles different, but both songs are reworked in a way that adds a bit more variety in the sound and gives the songs dynamics, especially in the drum department, utilizing cymbols other then the hi-hat. As one would assume, the sound quality and production value is also much better then the first demo, which is definitely a plus.

I didn't include the live tracks because I am low on hard drive space and won't be getting a new 500 GB hard drive for another couple weeks. I will rip them and post them once I get it. But you need to download this anyway, for it is an essential piece of the Mystifier legacy, and needs to be heard by all.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Burnt Hills - 2007 - Cloud Nine

I have decided to start occasionally posting other forms of music on here other then metal. I'm not saying metal does not have plenty of variety in it, because it does, and anyone who listens to the genre can attest to that, but there are a lot of other bands that I would like to share with you all that are far from metal. Don't worry though, I will still be posting just as much metal as before, and this non-metal stuff will just be an addition.

Anyway, this album is amazing. Burnt Hills are a fairly new band who specialize in psychedelic, cacophonous and percussive-heavy noise jams, soaked in bong water and oozing with lysergia. The best thing about the album, and all other Burnt Hills material, is the drums. They use the twin drum bamboozlement effect, where both drummers are keeping the rhythm consistently precise throughout the album. Really, I can't stress enough how amazing these drums are. Imagine a 4-armed Dale Crover, using two of his arms to play pulsing tribal beats and the other two for the double cymbal effect. Aside from how awesome a four armed Dale Crover would be, imagine him replacing his odd but exact style he used in the Melvins with a much more groove oriented psychedelic pummeling. That hopefully should give you a general idea of what these drums sound like, because they are THAT good. From beginning to end, the multiple drummers lock into an infectious groove and are stopped by nothing. The album's highlight, by far, is the drumming. AMAZING.

Guided by the pulsing, double drummer rhythm section are the guitars. A total of 7 people contribute guitar during this session, 2 or 3 playing at one time, and 5 out of the 7 alternate between the drums and guitar throughout the song. Staying in sync with one another is not a concern for these guys. Each guitarist goes on their own trip of improvised madness and all of which work really well off eachother for the whole album. The bass is prominent in the mix and adds the required low end for a full sound, and like the guitars, it also strays from the other musicians, just adding to the already tripped out madness that is Cloud Nine.

The end result of all these elements when put together is an infectious and absolutely mind melting psychedelic noise freak out, and I highly advise everyone into psychedelic and experimental music to check it out. And seriously, for my fellow drummers, I could not recommend this any more.

One of Mediafire's only flaw is that it has a limit of 100 MB limit for non-member users, so I uploaded the album on megaupload and sendspace instead.



Friday, February 13, 2009

Drakar - 1990 - Let Draka LP

Here is yet another obscure gem from Czechoslovakia. I think I have made it abundantly clear that I feel the aforementioned country has given us metal fans some of the greatest and most unique forms of metal that have ever emerged from the genre.

This LP from the obscure thrash band Drakar is no exception to my claim, as this is a great album with some really unique touches to it. Like country mates Assessor, the two guitarists utilize the higher end of the fret board, resulting in some really twisted riffs, topped off with some nicely executed drumming and unique vocals that use a number of different approaches. One of the many things I love about a lot of other Czech bands along with this one is that most of them write their lyrics in their native language, which really adds an extraordinary amount of character to the music and gives it a certain trait that you won't find anywhere else. Plus, it's just an overall interesting language.

All fans of Czech metal need this.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rippikoulu - 1993 - Musta Seremonia Demo

I like this demo a lot. It's definitely one of my favorite demos to have come out of Finland. Rippikoulu were a death metal band who, like country mates Purtenance, incorporated a good amount of sluggish DOOOOM elements and created something truly dark and dismal. Additionally, one of the other techniques they used to create such a feeling of impending doom is what bands like Autopsy and Incantation were doing at the time, which is while one guitar plays a chilling lead, the other keeps the low end brutality in tact by continuing to play the underlying riff.

I definitely recommend this to anyone into the old, filthy Finnish death metal sound, or anyone who just dug the Purtenance stuff, seeing as there are some similarities in sound. But despite the similarities, both bands still have enough other distinct characteristics that make it easy to differentiate one from the other.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Dead (US) - 1986 - Musical Abortions

This demo is the rawest piece of early, primitive death metal I have ever heard, and when I say raw, I mean really, really raw. The sound on here is extremely harsh and noisy, similar in both production value and primitive aggression found on the early 80's Repulsion/Genocide tapes or the early Death/Mantas tapes. The only difference is that this was released a couple years after the aforementioned bands started releasing their first demos. It's definitely a good listen for anyone into the early/mid 80's knuckle dragging cavemen death metal sound. I certainly dig it.


Bestial Raids - 2003 - Rehearsal Tape #2

This is pretty self explanatory. It's a pretty good sounding rehearsal that definitely has an audible and clear enough sound. I'd recommend it to anyone already familiar with the band. If you're not familiar with the band, then get their Order of Doom demo I uploaded, and then download this, because I truly believe it's really some of the best black/death metal being made right now. It's even got a Blasphemy cover, which I usually find interesting because I like to hear other people's take on Blasphemy's unique sound.


Sextrash - 1990 - Sexual Carnage

Sexual Carnage is often cited as one of the best albums from the80's/early 90's Brazilian scene, and it is definitely worthy of its praise. You'll find links to it on a lot of other blogs, but all the ones I downloaded before purchasing this had shitty bitrates, and I don't know if another one has surfaced with a decent bitrate.

I know it's frustrating when you look everywhere and can't find an album at a good bitrate while not owning a copy, so here is my own 320 kbps rip of it.


I can also upload a .FLAC rip if anyone is interested. I just want to know before I do it because I am low on hard drive space and I would need to make a second copy of it on my computer.