Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wormphlegm - 2006 - Tomb of the Ancient King 12'' LP

This is NOT that godawful vinyl-to-128kbps rip that was TRANSCODED to a high VBR by some retard that you will find everywhere else on the internet. I wouldn't do that to you. This is my own vinyl rip.

Anyway, Wormphlegm are a terrific band. They make crawling, filthy, torturous DOOM that can't really be compared to anything I've ever heard before. Some people consider this band "funeral doom", but don't let that fool you. This is in no way that horrible, drum machine, trendy garbage that is often found with most other funeral doom bands these days. Actually, this band sounds more like something some Finnish death metal heads recorded while on opium and acid in 1992 more than anything else.

This is some really wretched doom metal, drenched in layers of filth and vomit. It moves along at an excruciatingly slow pace that rarely picks up, but never gets old. The guitars and bass are very down tuned and drone along while a chilling lead glides above them to keep things interesting and to create a very eerie atmosphere. Both compliment eachother perfectly and fit in perfectly with the guttural growls and piercing high pitched screeches. All of this is backed up by very, very slow, plodding drums that make Saint Vitus's Armando Acosta sound like Mike Browning.

Part 1
Part 2


Death Vomit - 1993 - Death Vomit

Death Vomit were a short lived Russian death metal band who released this full length LP and a live tape. I haven't heard the live tape, but this LP is pretty damn good. It's not really anything out of the ordinary nor is it unique, but who cares? The riffing and the rhythm section are both pretty tight and the vocals sound a bit like Luc Lemay on Obscura, but not really as airy.

So like I said, this album isn't anything out of the ordinary, but it's still good. It has a pretty funny album cover too.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saram - 2007 - Sinners (compilation)

Saram are a band from Peru who used to play blackened doom metal, but later started to play with a more black/thrash sound. This disc compiles recordings from 1992 to 1998, which is before they started weaving thrash into their sound. The sound quality varies pretty much from track to track, some worse then others, but the music itself is consistently good blackened doom metal that makes great use of synths. The band also has members from the Peruvian metal hordes Goat Semen and Anal Vomit (ridiculous names, but great music). As usual, this is a rip from my own copy of the disc. Enjoy.

Part 1
Part 2

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mortuary Drape - Into The Drape/Mourn Path LP

This is the compilation LP that was put out by Iron Tyrant Records in 2007, which contains both the 1992 Into The Drape EP and the 1996 Mourn Path EP. Mortuary Drape play remarkably occult sounding black metal (or as they call it, "evil necromantical black metal"), and create an atmosphere that makes it almost seem as though you are attending an actual Black Mass. I put both of these EPs on my "15 Favorite Black Metal Releases of All Time" list.

I ripped this from my own copy of the LP.

So here it is, in all of its evil glory. Enjoy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturated Goat Trumpet - 2008 - The Goat Trumpet Placenta Tape

Saturated Goat Trumpet is one of my bands, and although it isn't metal, I still thought I'd post it anyway. We play a style of music we like to call "Avant-Brown Music". I guess it could be described as a mixture of Sonny Sharrock's Monkey Pockie Boo, Acid Mothers Temple and The Nihilist Spasm Band, but much, much browner. Each song has a general theme instrumental-wise and we just build off of it for the rest of the song.

This is our first recording and was recorded on a Tascam Porta 03 4-track tape recorder, with analog equipment, some nice mics and a decent mixer.

The line up is as follows:
Karissa Lawrence - Vibrato vocal insanity and kazoo
Marcus Dingman - Mandolin, plastic recorder and keyboard
Paul Schofield (me) - Clarinet squeals and honks, keyboard, drums/other means of percussion

The tape cover was drawn by Alex Shenkan.

Please listen with an open mind and enjoy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

666 (pre-Törr) - 1983 - Nekrofilie demo

(Yes, I do not really understand this picture either, but I couldn't find a cover scan of the demo, so this is what I have to use.)

Anyway, 666 were Törr before they were called Törr. This demo is supposedly from 1983 (but it might have actually been recorded in 1985), which shows that by the time these guys were in their first recording stages, they already knew exactly what they wanted to do, and they did it well. Nekrofilie contains 4 songs and 1 intro (sorry, I can't find the last song). Two of which would later appear on Törr's brilliant first demo, 1987's Witchhammer, as well as the Armageddon LP and the Kladivo na Carodejuice LP. The one that didn't, the title track, is a 17 minute blackened proto-thrash epic, with plenty of different parts to keep things moving along at a nice pace, preventing any sort of boredom from sinking in.

This is a nice, raw document of the early stages of what would become the mighty Törr and is recommended to those who are already familiar with their music. However, if you are a newcomer to their music, then I suggest starting out with any of the pre-Made in Hell LPs or the Witchhammer demo.


Ignivomous - 2007 - Path of Attrition 12'' MLP

Ignivomous! The modern kings of dark and dismal old school death metal, following in the footsteps of classic acts such as Incantation, Depravity (Fin) and Demigod (Fin), but adding their own unique flavors, making them more than just a worship band. This is the vinyl reissue put out by NWN! Productions of the band's demo.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hadez - 1993 - Aquelarre

Now THIS is some well written black/death metal. Being a fan of Blasphemy and the like, I obviously have no problem with ruthless, hyperspeed assaults, but it is definitely refreshing to hear some stuff with the same amount of fury and aggression but with more variation in the song writing. This band not only incorporates crawling doom passages into their bestial, blasphemous offerings, but they also throw in some chilling lead work, kind of like Swedish black/thrashers Nifelheim, as well as some occasional dissonance. The riffing as a whole is just top notch and flows perfectly within the construction of the songs. They remind me of Abhorer in that way. The sickening double tracked vocals that come in during the doom passages are also something of note. They are really one of the highlights of the album. His growls are great, as well as his higher pitched screams. SO fucking good. I can't stress enough how great this album is. A true masterpiece.

Enough of my stupid babbling. This is some excellent Peruvian black/death metal. Listen and enjoy.

Once again, I apologize for my lack of posts this week. AP classes are a bitch.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mercyful Fate - Live 1982 - Copenhagen After Midnight LP

I got this bootleg of a live 1982 Mercyful Fate recording fairly recently and I enjoy it quite a bit, despite my hatred for shitty picture discs (I actually enjoy LISTENING to my records). The set list is great, although since it's from 1982 there is no Don't Break the Oath material. But of course it's not too big of a problem due to their first two releases are both masterpieces as well. As far as picture discs go, the sound is pretty good. A little muddy, but what do you expect? One disappointment I did have though was King's vocals cracking a couple times during "Black Funeral", one of my favorite Fate songs. Other then that, this is a great recording. It also has the song "Return of the Vampire", the previously unreleased track that didn't make it to the first two LPs.

Here is my own vinyl rip. Enjoy.
Part 1
Part 2

And sorry for my lack of daily updates like what I was doing in the summer. School has started up again so I don't have time to do it everyday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Necrosanct - 1993 - Desolate

Like Necrosanct's previous effort, the mighty Incarnate LP, Desolate delivers relentless death metal that does not let up for a second. Although this is not quite as good as Incarnate, it's still Necrosanct, so you know you're in for some bestial and fast death metal that carries on the ferocious nature of Incarnate, making this worthy of more than just one listen. The production is not as raw as Incarnate but is still pretty raw sounding.

This is a 320 kbps rip from my own copy of the CD. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Expulser - 1992 - The Unholy One

Expulser's The Unholy One is another great piece old school Brazilian metal. This is mostly fast paced death metal with a good amount of thrash influence. But unlike some other Brazilian classics such as Bloody Vengenace, Campo De Exterminio, Morbid Visions, and Immortal Force, this came out in '92, when the death metal sound had already been established and most of it's thrash characteristics had been altered. The material from the split with Brutal Distortion is also on this disc, which has more of an 80s death/thrash Holocausto type sound.