Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mystifier - 1991 - Aleister Crowley (Demo LP)

Here is another vinyl rip of one of the LPs included in the magnificent Baphometic Goat Worship box set. This time, it is Mystifier's second demo, and last recording before the mighty Wicca, the Aleister Crowley demo. At this point, Mystifier's sound had matured since the debut demo in song writing technique as well as lyrically. However, in terms of production, the sound on this demo isn't up to par with the debut demo or the The Evil Escension Returns 7" released a year prior. But it's still early Mystifier, and you really can't go wrong with that, so it's definitely worth a listen.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Psychic Possessor - 1988 - Toxin Diffusion

Yes, more excellent death/thrash from Brazil. After Vulcano's indomitable 1986 masterpiece, Bloody Vengeance, guitarist Zé Flávio and two other Brazilian thrash maniacs started a band called Ritual, then changed the name and recorded a demo in 1987 called Zombie Night. After that demo, they went on to record their debut LP, Toxin Diffusion, in 1988.

Toxin Diffusion
is an underrated Brazilian gem that must be heard by all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Want list

Here are a few things I am looking for. Help me out. And of course, please, nothing under 192 kbps. If it is a decent VBR and it dips a little under, then so be it, I can deal. But if it's below 160 kbps, then don't bother (but I appreciate you looking anyway). I'm keeping it short for now.

Messiah (Che) - 1985 - Powertrash Demo
Messiah (Che) - 1985 - The Infernal Thrashing Demo (both of these were released on one CD in 2004 by Iron Pegasus if that helps at all)
Tormentor - 1987 - 7th Day of Doom Demo
Fallen Christ - 1995 - Abduction Ritual (taken care of)
All pre-Ritual Master's Hammer demos
Any pre-Scream Bloody Gore Death/Mantas demos other then the live 1984 one I posted (Taken care of, nevermind.)
Goatvomit - Carnal Blasphemy Demo (the only one I can find is at 160kbps. This demo was also released as a split with Kratornas if that helps.)

I'd prefer if you contacted me by email in case I miss a comment, which happens from time to time.

And if you were wondering why I posted a picture of Joe Preston, it's because he's kind of the man. Here is another.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Residual Cod - 2008 - The Man Who Collected Hats Tape

Residual Cod is another one of my bands, and The Man Who Collected Hats is our most recent recording. I would go as far as to say that this is definitely our brownest achievement yet. In fact, it is SO brown that its almost black; a level of brownness that has not been attained by anyone in years.

Each one of these songs is a cacophonous freeform freak out, with a smidgen of coherency brought forth by the use of dynamics and restraint. But here, coherency is hardly a concern. The only planning put into this recording was when we set up the large number of different instruments, noisemakers and various objects used for percussion around the room and placed the microphones accordingly. We then pressed "record" on the 4-track tape recorder, and let all brown break loose.

Imagine what a terrible mixture of No-Neck Blues Band, Borbetomagus, Nihilist Spasm Band, Machine Gun-era Peter Brötzmann and Sunburned Hand of the Man would sound like if they were all thrown into a giant lawnmower at the same time and were later reconstructed in a nonsensical fashion and forced to record 47 minutes worth of abrassive, freaked out, acid-fried insanity. That should hopefully give you a general idea of what to expect before forcing yourself to endure the brownness contained herein.

1. So... I Heard You Play Squash... (7:56)
2. Toad Smuggler (14:41)
3. Brown Flamingo (5:39)
4. The Man Who Collected Hats (18:54)

The lineup on The Man Who Collected Hats is as follows:
Me (Paul) - Saxophone, clarinet, guitar, Korg, banjo, additional percussion
Mark - Casio, kazoo, additional percussion, mandolin, trumpet
Richie - Clarinet and Lead percussion (which consisted of drums, weights, street signs, amplified whammy bongos, a deflating balloon, a stepping stool, lobster pots, a ladle, brownie pans, metallic trash cans, etc., all of which are played with some nice A7's.)

This really is as brown as it gets. You have been warned.


Artwork by Alex Shenkan.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Masacre (Col) - 1991 - Requiem

This album is easy to find on other blogs, but the only rips I've seen have been at shitty bitrates. After I did some digging, I found a rip at an acceptable VBR (200 - 280kbps), and I thought I might share it with my fellow low bitrate haters, and for all those who are just not familiar with the band.

Masacre are a Columbian death metal band who have been around since 1988 and, slowly but surely, are still releasing quality death metal. After some successful demos, they went on to release their first official recording, the classic Ola De Violencia EP in 1991. Later that year, they released their first LP, Requiem. This album is a viciously ripping piece of death metal that continues where the EP left off. The only thing wrong with the album is the thin guitar tone, but in this case, it's an easy thing to get over, because everything else compensates for it perfectly.