Monday, July 28, 2008

Sepultura - 1986 Rehearsal

Sepultura are one of the worst cases of the whole good-to-bad band scenerio that has been plaguing metal for years. How a band goes from the death metal onslaught Bestial Devastation to the wiggerfied groove "metal" monstrosity Chaos A.D. is beyond me. I just pretend they broke up right after the release of that album.

Anyway, this is Sepultura from their best days (the Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visisions era). It's got surprisingly good sound quality considering it was probobly recorded on a boombox. It even has a cover of Slayer's epic song "Black Magic" from their 1983 debut masterpiece, Show No Mercy. Enjoy.


Imperator - 1988 - Eternal Might demo

I actually got this through someone that contacted me via email after seeing my blog. They sent me a tape with some great Polish stuff on it and it included this demo, the first Imperator demo, the Mastomah demo and Kat's 1987 Live album (thanks again!).

This demo has a very evil atmosphere and I actually prefer this to the band's LP. It has a very, vary raw and filthy sound (even more so then the Exorcist demo) and has some great, bizarre riffing that favors the higher end of the fret boards. The drums can sound a bit blurry at first but let your ears adjust and they become quite clear.

This is just some excellent, evil, Polish death metal from 1988. Enjoy.


Autopsy Torment - 2005 - Graveyard Creatures 12'' LP

Autopsy Torment are a Swedish death metal band that have been around since 1989. They started out playing primitive sludgey death metal, and over time they have developed a thrashier sound, but they still keep the Autopsy and Hellhammer influences front and center. Although the album cover is just funny, this is great sluggish death/thrash and really doesn't sound too similiar to slew of other great Swedish bands. The band was created by vocalist Thomas Karlsson, who is known from his other acts such as Devil Lee Rot, Tristitia and of course the mighty Pagan Rites. He still retains that same raspy, higher vocal style which is not too common in death metal.

Here is a nice sounding vinyl rip from my own copy. Enjoy.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Genocidio (Bra) - 1987 S/T MLP + 1990 Depression LP

Genocidio were a great Brazilian band (they suck now) that used to play what Brazil would become known for - bestial, inexorable death/thrash played with a level of brutality that has never been matched. The MLP is a bit more relentless then the LP and contains more blasting and non-stop high speed riffing not too far off from Sarcofago's and Vulcano's debut masterpieces, but it never gets boring. The full length has a bit more
variation in the song writing, but still retains the same level intensity that you hear on the MLP. Though they may be a bit different, both are equally as good and will please any fan of this style.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mercyful Fate - 1982 - Mercyful Fate 12'' MLP

I don't think I have shared this yet but I am a gigantic fan the of 80's era Mercyful Fate and King Diamond, but then again so are the majority of true metal fans.

This 1982 MLP documents King's vocals in their rawest form and is really one of his finest performances (although he has not really started to utilize his falsetto capabilities yet). The music on here is raw and energetic 80's heavy metal done by the masters of the genre as a whole; Mercyful Fate. As expected the riffs are catchy, the leads are top-notch and the guitar work as a whole is just as intense as all the great Fate recordings. The bass is audible and has a powerful place in the sound and the drums are much more straight-forward then other MF albums, but still drives the music where it needs to go.

This is as metal as metal gets. Enjoy my own rip of this great MLP from my own collection.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mutation - '91 Demo + Void of Disharmony EP

Mutation were a short-lived Singaporean death metal band who only released 2 demos in 1991 and recorded material for an EP in 1993, but that EP was not released until 2006 by the mighty Nuclear War Now. This is rotten, sickening death metal.

There is only 1 link because I put the demo and the EP in the same folder. As usual, these are ripped from my own copies. Enjoy


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Torchure - 1992 - Beyond the Veil 12'' LP

Torchure were a German band that wrote some really epic sounding death metal. The riffs in each song just keep building off one another very cohesively and the band throws in some excellent doom passages accompanied by nicely done keyboards (especially on the 11 minute death/doom track "Resort to Mortality".

This is some quality death metal transfered from my own copy of the LP. Enjoy.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saint Vitus - 1983 Demo

This needs no introduction. This is Saint fucking Vitus, one of the greatest doom metal bands of all time.


Ignivomous - 2008 - Eroded Void of Salvation 7''

Ignivomous are a new band that play a brooding, dismal brand of ancient death metal not too far off from Incantation, the renowned masters of this sound.

This is the band's 2nd release, a 7" released by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Their demo was also released by Nuclear War Now! as a MLP, which I will upload when I get around to transfering it to my computer. Both releases are 100% flawlessly played slabs of death metal. The only new bands I can think of that have attained such a level of darkness are Dead Congregation, Deathevokation and Necrovation (a lot of -tions).

Download this, and then buy it if you have a turn table and don't already own it. This is my rip from my own copy.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Fantom (Hun) - 1987 - Lucifer Jelenj Meg (Demo)

Fantom were a very shortlived band (they were together barely over a year) and this demo is their only official recording. This demo is a malicious combination of early black and thrash metal, which is a little reminescent of what their Hungarian country-mates Tormentor were doing on their 1987 demo. This is ancient, raw, ugly, and relentless black/thrash. Download and enjoy.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fatal - 1991 - A Somber Evocation of Nihilism 7''

Fatal started out playing a combination of death metal, thrash and death/grind, but later moved onto a more unique brand of death/thrash, and they played it flawlessly. This EP is a good example that sometimes a band shifting styles rather dramatically is okay. A Somber Evocation of Nihilism is an excellently crafted piece of death/thrash comprised of superb musicianship, well thought out and coherent song writing and a lot of unique ideas.

You can also read my review of the compilation album put out by Necroharmonic that features this band's whole discography here.

This is my own vinyl rip of the EP. Enjoy.