Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fallen Christ - Abduction Ritual (1995) + Demos

Ahh, Fallen Christ. The NY-based blackened death metal quartet who played some of the most incomprehensibly evil, iniquitous, and downright sadistic death metal ever committed to tape. If you are unfamiliar with the mighty Fallen Christ, just imagine what it would sound like if you took Abominations of Desolation -era Morbid Angel, fused it with the relentless, bestial, and barbaric nature of Blasphemy's war hymns, and gave it a mangled, yet technical flair ala Insanity (US), though while completely staying in its own realm. Just take a couple of moments to think how malicious of a beast that would be. Now imagine it sixty feet taller and bearing dozens of monstrous tentacles, contorting and violently flailing about, obliterating everything within their reach, all the while, the very same city which they are destroying is also being engulfed by a continuous torrent of ultramafic lava, though this tentacled, monolothic creature remains unharmed due to how fucking badass it is. Pretty beastly, right?

What I have here for you are the two demos from '92 and '93, as well as their full-length, which was released in '95. The recording quality on both demos is rather crude, but it's nothing us underground fiends can't handle. The production Abduction Ritual is great, however. It has a very disorienting and swampy feel to it and really draws you in to the unique realm of hyperspeed, Satanic death metal this band was brewing. It really highlights the demented, mangled riffing this band employs 90% of the time. Like I said, this is some truly fucked up stuff.