Saturday, May 2, 2009

Looking for the following Polish demos...

192 kbps rips or higher of the following Polish demos would be highly appreciated:

Slaughter - Into the Darkness (1989)
Betrayer - Necronomical Exmortis (1992)
Lastwar - Skazani Na Zaglade (1990)
Prosecutor - Krew Czarnej Ziemi (1992)
Armagedon - Czas Przetrwania (1989)
Armagedon - Dead Condemnation (1990)
Slashing Death - All demos
DDT - both demos

Thank you.



DDT-demos in good quality -

and here:

THE DECEASED (contributor)

frostdomain said...

Slaughter (Pol) - Into the Darkness


frostdomain said...

Betrayer - Necronomical Exmortis

frostdomain said...

Armagedon (Pol) - Dead Condemnation (demo 1990)

raf666 said... - link to Prosecutor.

Paul Schofield said...

Thank you all VERY much.

Wraith said...

hey, would you be interested in the 1992 demo of Taranis (Poland)?

...think samael meets hellhammer :D

Paul Schofield said...

Yes, I would.

Guma said...

look at

Jim said...

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