Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ween - 1989 Live In Trenton, NJ

I don't think I've mentioned this on Lizards & Beans, as it has just never really come up, but I am a huge Ween fan, and have been for quite some time.Although La Cucaracha and White Pepper had some questionable moments, I'd say Ween are pretty much a perfect band, and I worship almost everything they've done throughout their 25-year existence. Everything from their freewheeling 80's tapes back from when they were no older then sixteen, to the 1990-1993 4-track brown-era, to their later, more heavily produced post-mid-90's material is just awesome. Leave all your preconcieved notions that Ween are nothing but a joke band behind, as they have proven throughout the years that just because a band can incorporate humour into their music doesn't necessarily make them nothing but a novelty group.

What I have here is an awesome, brown-as-shit live recording circa 1989, one year before their official debut release, the mighty God Ween Satan, released on Twin/Tone. Aside from "Seconds" and "Gladiola Heartbreaker", the whole set is made up entirely of songs from the aforementioned debut masterpiece, so this is pretty much essential for all Ween fans to hear at least one.

The tape itself doesn't sound half-bad either, especially considering it was sitting in a dusty box for about 20 years. Now expectantly, there is some tape hiss, but not enough to bring down the recording, and other then that it's completely fine. Papa Gener's vocals are right up there but without becoming overbearing, and Deaner's dirty, fuzzed-out guitar is also right where it should be and actually sounds pretty great. As all Ween fans know, they played as a duo up until around 1994, meaning the live line up consisted of Gener on vocals, Deaner on guitar, and a DAT tape deck, playing pre-recorded drum and bass tracks for the respective song being played.

To all of those unfamiliar with the music of Ween, outside of maybe "Push Th' Little Daisies", then I suggest starting out on any the following recordings:
God Ween Satan: The Oneness (1990)
The Pod (1991)
Pure Guava (1992)
The Mollusk (1997)
Quebec (2003)
Shinola (2005)

After you check out at least one of those albums, God Ween Satan or The Mollusk in particular, then give this show a download. But if you're already familiar with the Brown world of Ween, then by all means download this immediately.


More rare and live Ween to come...


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