Thursday, June 26, 2008

Depravity - 1992 - Remasquerade 7'' EP

I apologize to the 3 or 4 people that actually have seen my blog for the lack of updates. Those days are over (for now).

Depravity were one of those bands who made a mark on the death metal scene without ever releasing a full length. They are still praised today for making some of the darkest death metal to ever come out of Finland. The dark nature of this EP, as well as their Silence of the Centuries EP, had not been attained by many at that point, and certainly not after their release. It's a common belief that the death metal scene had gone stagnant a couple years later.

I recommend this to anyone even remotely interested in classic death metal from the more obscure side of the spectrum.

This is a rip from my own copy, so enjoy the high bitrate and nicely done vinyl-to-mp3 transfer. Sorry for the
crappy pictures though


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