Friday, June 27, 2008

Törr - 2007 - 1987 Witchhammer Demo LP

This is the first LP from a double LP set released in 2007, consisting of Törr's 1987 demo, Witchhammer, on the first record and the 1993 studio versions of the demo on the second.

The music on these recordings is black/speed metal of the highest order. It reminds me of a mixture of NME's Unholy Death, Bulldozer's The Day of Wrath and Bathory's debut masterpiece. The spirit and ideas that were present throughout the first wave of black metal bands can most definitely be found on here. The riffing is evil and thrashy, like all early black metal. The vocals are snarly, phlegm-covered shouts and the drumming and bass are both very powerful and straight forward.

Sound quality-wise, the 1987 demo has a surprisingly great sound. All the instruments are very clear and appear in full form, but it still has that gritty 80's demo sound that all fans of true metal should love. The re-recording is from 1993, and at that point, getting a full, powerful sound was not uncommon, which is what is found here.

Here is my own vinyl rip of the first LP that contains the 1987 Witchhammer demo. I will post the 2nd LP of the set once I get around to ripping it to my computer. Enjoy.


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Heavypsychmanblog said...

GREAT! Real Black Metal where the music does the talking & no fuckin posing or make up

Vlasta rocks in darkness