Monday, December 8, 2008

Mystifier - 1989 - Tormenting the Holy Trinity Demo LP

Ever since last wednesday when I got the fantastic Mystifier 1989-1993 Baphometic Goat Worship boxset that was just put by NWN, I have been listening to nothing but Mystifier, and this demo in particular.

Tormenting the Holy Trinity is my second favorite Mystifier recording (Göetia being the first), and the reasons why are plain and simple. This demo definitely shows them at their rawest and most bestial stage and is pretty much the epitome of all things unholy and evil. Everything is extremely fast without ever getting old, and even at the first stage of their progression to the masterpieces that would follow for the next 4 years, they still had song writing skills that were above a lot of other black/death metal contemperaries, as well as more interesting lyrics then the average band of that era. But of course the lyrics are nothing compared to what was to follow on later releases, where they began to discuss things such as the occult and dark literature.

Highly fucking recommended, along with the rest of the boxset. Download and buy!



Hexenhammer said...

I would offer to blow you in exchange for a rip the Live Pic-LP that also came with this box set.

Paul Schofield said...

Unfortunately that only comes with the die hard version and I just ordered the regular.

noinim said...

Shame your blog doesn't receive more comments - with all your thoughtful selections, the detailed descriptions and quality rips, it's total topnotch stuff.

And Mystifier are truly malevolent. Thanks for the demo upload!