Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doom Snake Cult - 1992 - Love Sorrow Doom

Post #2 of today. I am trying to make up for going two weeks without an update.

Do not let the name Love Sorrow Doom fool you. This is in no way romantic goth shit. If you noticed, the album title, if put into the form of an acronym, is L.S.D., which was the band's intention, and a very fitting name for this album. What we have here is a twisted permutation of sluggish death/doom and psychedelic, bizarre weirdness, featuring Goatlord (US) vocalist Ace Still.



Bensmasher said...

yay JL America!

Michael said...

yes man this song is amazing, "enchanted cerebral forest" is the metal equivalent of "journey to the center of the mind"

Paul Schofield said...

Yeah, but Ted Nugent can suck it.