Monday, April 27, 2009

Blasphemy - 1990 - Fallen Angel of Doom

I have gotten a couple requests recently asking for a rip of Blasphemy's 1990 masterpiece, Fallen Angel of Doom, at a higher bitrate then what has supposedly been circulating around the net, so here is a 320 kbps rip of it.

Fallen Angel of Doom is one of the most bestial assaults ever recorded, and has influenced a countless amount of other bands and musicians. It was also one of the pathways to what would become the entire bestial black/death genre. It is often hailed as a classic, and rightfully so, as it truly was a groundbreaking album, and the material contained on it really exceeds its praise. Some complain about the band's lack of musicianship and monotony, which is understandable, but not liking Blasphemy for those reasons is essentially the same as not liking bananas because they don't taste enough like apples. Blasphemy's goal was not to make music that was accessible and easy to take in, it was to take the feelings of total annihiliation, evil, and warfare and put it in the form of music, which is precisely what they did, and they did it perfectly. All the extremities that were present in metal at the time were pushed much further then they ever had been, and thus, new terrain had been explored but has never since successfully touched.


Z0R said...

Perfect review, and thanks.
Blasphemy: Oft-imitated, but never surpassed

Jim said...

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