Monday, July 27, 2009

Ween - Live 1990-02-02 Trenton, NJ + 1994-10-23 Boston, MA

What I have here is yet another awesome God Ween Satan-era live recording of a show that was played at the City Gardens, in Trenton, NJ. It's fairly short, but a great recording nonetheless, and with a setlist comprised of only tracks from the mighty God Ween Satan. The sound is also fantastic for a 19-year old live tape, and it captures the early Ween experience very well.

The second offering of this post is a live 1994 recording from a show in Boston, and let me tell you it's quite the gem. This show documents Ween at the start of their post- live duo days and playing as quartet, with the phenomenal Claude Coleman on drumsand Dave Deiwitz on bass. This show in particular was a fantastic performance. This addition to the band really went a long way for their live performances, allowing them much more time to venture off into awesome improvisational sections. It was not uncommon for them to drag at least one or two songs a set to twenty+ minutes. Now, generally I like it when bands get creative and improvise in an on-the-spot manner for extended periods of time, but there are some bands who just approach this in a very dull and bland manner. Ween do not have this problem, and this can be seen multiple times throughout the set, particularly on "Don't Sweat It", "Take Me Away", "Raggaejunkiejew", "Vallejo", and of course the ultimate live classic that has managed to appear on a every other setlistt for the past twnety years, "LYLMP", stretched out for only 12 minutes this time, but what great fucking 12 minutes it is.

The recording quality on this puppy isn't exactly the greatest, but I actually like the grainy sound the tape gave the recording. And despite its rawness, the leveling makes it perfectly listenable in my opinion. After all, this is Ween we're talking about. Not to mention it's from 1994, shortly after the incarnation of the what would become 4/5 of the future live line-up, and at this point they were already skilled in the field of improvisation, as well as just sounding very tight as a band altogether.

More rare and live Ween to come...


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