Sunday, November 2, 2008

Death - 1984 - Live In Tampa 11/9/84 Tape

This is a great sounding live recording from 1984, back when Death were clearly still heavily influenced by Venom, but had begun developing that great early proto-death sound. It was recorded when they were called Mantas, but they had changed the name to Death by the time it was released. It has some early versions of songs that would later appear on the Death's first and finest offering, 1987's Scream Bloody Gore, such as "Evil Dead" and "Beyond the Unholy Grave", as well as a lot of songs that never made it onto any official Death albums and would only be seen on other demos, plus a cover of Venom's "Poison".

The musicianship, as expected, is pretty sloppy in some places, but personally I think it just adds to the overall sound. It continues on the path Venom had paved for all early extreme metal bands, where you don't have to be a virtuoso musician in order to make some groundbreaking and brutal metal.

This is an excellent recording and a good look into the first stages of what would become the US death metal scene. Enjoy.

*NOTE: If anyone has any other pre-Scream Bloody Gore recordings at 192kbps or higher please contact me on here or email me at

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