Thursday, November 27, 2008

Eternal Darkness (Swe) - 1992 - Twilight in the Wilderness (unreleased MLP)

Eternal Darkness played some excellent and bludgeoning Swedish doom/death. I already posted their 7" simply titled Doomed, and if you liked that then you surely will like this. Twilight In The Wilderness was never released to due to label complications and was forgotten about until the label Morbid Wrath released a compilation that included some of the songs from this recording, but not all of them. But this version that I'm posting does contain all the songs, which I think everyone would prefer. It is an impeccable take on the whole death/doom genre was thriving in the early 90's, but done with that unmistakable Swedish atmosphere and delivery. Highly recommended.

And now here it is. Enjoy.

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Kieran said...

Hey do you know of anywhere I can get my hands on a copy of the Doomed single?