Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sinoath - Demos

Forged In Blood (1991)

Sinoath were an Italian band that formed in 1990, and played a truly haunting and atmospheric mixture of black metal, death metal and doom metal and strangely never received much attention. Part of their distinct sound comes from the excellent use of keyboards. Instead of overdoing it and making it sound cheesy, they use the keyboards to give the songs more dynamics and to add emphasis to the bone chilling segments.

This is some highly recommended dark and eerie black/death/doom metal. Enjoy.

Still In The Grey Dying (1993)


stefanovich said...

Still in Grey Dying only contains the coverart. No mp3's to be found in that folder!

Great job with the blog by the way. Found it after searching for Sororicide-esque bands.

Paul Schofield said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll post a new link with the proper folder. And thanks for the compliments on my blog too.

Mental Funeral Zine said...

Great Blog man! Funny, you put up Still In The Grey Dying, i was just about to bust of my copy and make Mp3's with it. Demo really does stand the test of time. Cheers! Keep the great downloads coming.