Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Residual Cod - 2008 - The Man Who Collected Hats Tape

Residual Cod is another one of my bands, and The Man Who Collected Hats is our most recent recording. I would go as far as to say that this is definitely our brownest achievement yet. In fact, it is SO brown that its almost black; a level of brownness that has not been attained by anyone in years.

Each one of these songs is a cacophonous freeform freak out, with a smidgen of coherency brought forth by the use of dynamics and restraint. But here, coherency is hardly a concern. The only planning put into this recording was when we set up the large number of different instruments, noisemakers and various objects used for percussion around the room and placed the microphones accordingly. We then pressed "record" on the 4-track tape recorder, and let all brown break loose.

Imagine what a terrible mixture of No-Neck Blues Band, Borbetomagus, Nihilist Spasm Band, Machine Gun-era Peter Brötzmann and Sunburned Hand of the Man would sound like if they were all thrown into a giant lawnmower at the same time and were later reconstructed in a nonsensical fashion and forced to record 47 minutes worth of abrassive, freaked out, acid-fried insanity. That should hopefully give you a general idea of what to expect before forcing yourself to endure the brownness contained herein.

1. So... I Heard You Play Squash... (7:56)
2. Toad Smuggler (14:41)
3. Brown Flamingo (5:39)
4. The Man Who Collected Hats (18:54)

The lineup on The Man Who Collected Hats is as follows:
Me (Paul) - Saxophone, clarinet, guitar, Korg, banjo, additional percussion
Mark - Casio, kazoo, additional percussion, mandolin, trumpet
Richie - Clarinet and Lead percussion (which consisted of drums, weights, street signs, amplified whammy bongos, a deflating balloon, a stepping stool, lobster pots, a ladle, brownie pans, metallic trash cans, etc., all of which are played with some nice A7's.)

This really is as brown as it gets. You have been warned.


Artwork by Alex Shenkan.

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This has the Hydröfish stamp of approval.