Sunday, March 1, 2009

Masacre (Col) - 1991 - Requiem

This album is easy to find on other blogs, but the only rips I've seen have been at shitty bitrates. After I did some digging, I found a rip at an acceptable VBR (200 - 280kbps), and I thought I might share it with my fellow low bitrate haters, and for all those who are just not familiar with the band.

Masacre are a Columbian death metal band who have been around since 1988 and, slowly but surely, are still releasing quality death metal. After some successful demos, they went on to release their first official recording, the classic Ola De Violencia EP in 1991. Later that year, they released their first LP, Requiem. This album is a viciously ripping piece of death metal that continues where the EP left off. The only thing wrong with the album is the thin guitar tone, but in this case, it's an easy thing to get over, because everything else compensates for it perfectly.

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Hexenhammer said...

thanks a ton. excited for he nwn releases comming up