Saturday, April 18, 2009

Debustrol - 1988 - Vyznání Smrti Demo LP

All hail Czechoslovakia! What we have here is yet another gem from the ancient Czech underground, this time from the once-really-good band, Debustrol. This demo is their best recording, and it is an excellent permutation of thrash and 80's black metal. But like country mates Törr and Tudor, this simple, basic formula is given its own unique features that really sets it apart from a lot of other bands who were doing the black/thrash thing at the time. Some of the riffs on here also share that wild, schizophrenic feeling portrayed by the mighy Assesor's twisted guitar work, but with more of a blackened feel and not as atonal. The production is surprisingly excellent considering the fact that it was recorded in the basement of a car factory, using what sounds like was fairly decent equipment and a tape recorder. On top of that, as if the situation wasn't already difficult enough, the band had a 4 P.M. deadline, so everything that was used was from a first or second take. The music itself is intense, ripping black/thrash with vocals delivered in Czech, which is always awesome (I don't know of any other languages that are able to use and pronounce 3 consonents in a row).

I also have to mention the outro, it's great! 50 seconds of the band screaming, blowing harmonicas and whistles, grunting and just freaking out. Much better then any of those synth intros/outros that you always hear.

I can't recommend this enough. It is a great piece of Czech metal history, and I promise that you will dig it, especially my fellow worshipers of that country's excellent contributions to the world of metal. Here's another quality vinyl rip, converted from lossless to 320 kbps.


Also, I updated the link to the Exorcist (Pol) demo. Everyone who missed it needs to download it RIGHT NOW. Seriously.



Once again a surprise! Great stuff, I also stick very much to that old East-european sound (especially the outstanding Assesor-LP!)!! Thanx!!!

Simon said...

many thanks!

Robert said...

Many thanks! Another forgotten gem from the communist bloc. Really sad that most of these bands have been completely forgotten.

fabio said...

Heys guys, really killer!! And Robert, don't be afraid, here in Brazil we are culting too that brutal bands from East-Europe, the fucking real metal!

Jim said...

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