Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mercyful Fate - Live 1982 - Copenhagen After Midnight LP

I got this bootleg of a live 1982 Mercyful Fate recording fairly recently and I enjoy it quite a bit, despite my hatred for shitty picture discs (I actually enjoy LISTENING to my records). The set list is great, although since it's from 1982 there is no Don't Break the Oath material. But of course it's not too big of a problem due to their first two releases are both masterpieces as well. As far as picture discs go, the sound is pretty good. A little muddy, but what do you expect? One disappointment I did have though was King's vocals cracking a couple times during "Black Funeral", one of my favorite Fate songs. Other then that, this is a great recording. It also has the song "Return of the Vampire", the previously unreleased track that didn't make it to the first two LPs.

Here is my own vinyl rip. Enjoy.
Part 1
Part 2

And sorry for my lack of daily updates like what I was doing in the summer. School has started up again so I don't have time to do it everyday.


ambrose1am said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks a ton for posting this MF bootleg. I too am a huge fan of the early MF, and have been since '83. The problem I have with collecting early live Fate is the lack of authenticity on the dates. This one seems correct, at least according to this: Any idea on the authenticity of the show? There are so many boots that mix shows, making it impossible to collect or know what you're listening to....The sound is excellent on this one though!

Krug said...

Hi, any chance you could re-upload this?