Saturday, September 20, 2008

666 (pre-Törr) - 1983 - Nekrofilie demo

(Yes, I do not really understand this picture either, but I couldn't find a cover scan of the demo, so this is what I have to use.)

Anyway, 666 were Törr before they were called Törr. This demo is supposedly from 1983 (but it might have actually been recorded in 1985), which shows that by the time these guys were in their first recording stages, they already knew exactly what they wanted to do, and they did it well. Nekrofilie contains 4 songs and 1 intro (sorry, I can't find the last song). Two of which would later appear on Törr's brilliant first demo, 1987's Witchhammer, as well as the Armageddon LP and the Kladivo na Carodejuice LP. The one that didn't, the title track, is a 17 minute blackened proto-thrash epic, with plenty of different parts to keep things moving along at a nice pace, preventing any sort of boredom from sinking in.

This is a nice, raw document of the early stages of what would become the mighty Törr and is recommended to those who are already familiar with their music. However, if you are a newcomer to their music, then I suggest starting out with any of the pre-Made in Hell LPs or the Witchhammer demo.


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Heavypsychmanblog said...

Vlasta is a Black Metal Legend that can actualy play.

Törr's early stuff is amazing Venom Black Metal.

Thanks for sharing this pre Törr gem.Love it.

Got more rare Non thräsh based Black Metal like Semen of Satan (wow killer) or Hellhammer early demos?