Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturated Goat Trumpet - 2008 - The Goat Trumpet Placenta Tape

Saturated Goat Trumpet is one of my bands, and although it isn't metal, I still thought I'd post it anyway. We play a style of music we like to call "Avant-Brown Music". I guess it could be described as a mixture of Sonny Sharrock's Monkey Pockie Boo, Acid Mothers Temple and The Nihilist Spasm Band, but much, much browner. Each song has a general theme instrumental-wise and we just build off of it for the rest of the song.

This is our first recording and was recorded on a Tascam Porta 03 4-track tape recorder, with analog equipment, some nice mics and a decent mixer.

The line up is as follows:
Karissa Lawrence - Vibrato vocal insanity and kazoo
Marcus Dingman - Mandolin, plastic recorder and keyboard
Paul Schofield (me) - Clarinet squeals and honks, keyboard, drums/other means of percussion

The tape cover was drawn by Alex Shenkan.

Please listen with an open mind and enjoy.

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