Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hadez - 1993 - Aquelarre

Now THIS is some well written black/death metal. Being a fan of Blasphemy and the like, I obviously have no problem with ruthless, hyperspeed assaults, but it is definitely refreshing to hear some stuff with the same amount of fury and aggression but with more variation in the song writing. This band not only incorporates crawling doom passages into their bestial, blasphemous offerings, but they also throw in some chilling lead work, kind of like Swedish black/thrashers Nifelheim, as well as some occasional dissonance. The riffing as a whole is just top notch and flows perfectly within the construction of the songs. They remind me of Abhorer in that way. The sickening double tracked vocals that come in during the doom passages are also something of note. They are really one of the highlights of the album. His growls are great, as well as his higher pitched screams. SO fucking good. I can't stress enough how great this album is. A true masterpiece.

Enough of my stupid babbling. This is some excellent Peruvian black/death metal. Listen and enjoy.

Once again, I apologize for my lack of posts this week. AP classes are a bitch.

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nothingwheel said...

Thank you, I'm excited to listen to this.