Thursday, March 5, 2009

Want list

Here are a few things I am looking for. Help me out. And of course, please, nothing under 192 kbps. If it is a decent VBR and it dips a little under, then so be it, I can deal. But if it's below 160 kbps, then don't bother (but I appreciate you looking anyway). I'm keeping it short for now.

Messiah (Che) - 1985 - Powertrash Demo
Messiah (Che) - 1985 - The Infernal Thrashing Demo (both of these were released on one CD in 2004 by Iron Pegasus if that helps at all)
Tormentor - 1987 - 7th Day of Doom Demo
Fallen Christ - 1995 - Abduction Ritual (taken care of)
All pre-Ritual Master's Hammer demos
Any pre-Scream Bloody Gore Death/Mantas demos other then the live 1984 one I posted (Taken care of, nevermind.)
Goatvomit - Carnal Blasphemy Demo (the only one I can find is at 160kbps. This demo was also released as a split with Kratornas if that helps.)

I'd prefer if you contacted me by email in case I miss a comment, which happens from time to time.

And if you were wondering why I posted a picture of Joe Preston, it's because he's kind of the man. Here is another.


Metal Demo Maniac said...

Hey! I can send you the Messiah demos. What do I have to do to send you these gems? I can send you Mediafire links?

Paul Schofield said...

Mediafire would be perfect.

Metal Demo Maniac said...

Messiah demos sent to your email

Paul Schofield said...

Email received. Thanks a lot.

Alex said...

Iron Pegasus surprisingly still has some copies of the Messiah "Powertrash/Infernal Thrasing" CDs. Check for details. (I just got a copy from him in the last month for 15 Euros shipped to the US.)