Monday, July 28, 2008

Autopsy Torment - 2005 - Graveyard Creatures 12'' LP

Autopsy Torment are a Swedish death metal band that have been around since 1989. They started out playing primitive sludgey death metal, and over time they have developed a thrashier sound, but they still keep the Autopsy and Hellhammer influences front and center. Although the album cover is just funny, this is great sluggish death/thrash and really doesn't sound too similiar to slew of other great Swedish bands. The band was created by vocalist Thomas Karlsson, who is known from his other acts such as Devil Lee Rot, Tristitia and of course the mighty Pagan Rites. He still retains that same raspy, higher vocal style which is not too common in death metal.

Here is a nice sounding vinyl rip from my own copy. Enjoy.



Thrash Maniac said...

can you reupload this album plz!

Heathcliff said...

Can you reupload it?...