Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ignivomous - 2008 - Eroded Void of Salvation 7''

Ignivomous are a new band that play a brooding, dismal brand of ancient death metal not too far off from Incantation, the renowned masters of this sound.

This is the band's 2nd release, a 7" released by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Their demo was also released by Nuclear War Now! as a MLP, which I will upload when I get around to transfering it to my computer. Both releases are 100% flawlessly played slabs of death metal. The only new bands I can think of that have attained such a level of darkness are Dead Congregation, Deathevokation and Necrovation (a lot of -tions).

Download this, and then buy it if you have a turn table and don't already own it. This is my rip from my own copy.


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