Monday, July 28, 2008

Sepultura - 1986 Rehearsal

Sepultura are one of the worst cases of the whole good-to-bad band scenerio that has been plaguing metal for years. How a band goes from the death metal onslaught Bestial Devastation to the wiggerfied groove "metal" monstrosity Chaos A.D. is beyond me. I just pretend they broke up right after the release of that album.

Anyway, this is Sepultura from their best days (the Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visisions era). It's got surprisingly good sound quality considering it was probobly recorded on a boombox. It even has a cover of Slayer's epic song "Black Magic" from their 1983 debut masterpiece, Show No Mercy. Enjoy.



Artur said...

Damn you, dude! My first comment of several others. As I brazilian, I was searching since three years for this rehearsal! Thanks for post it!

Btw, I was watching a program on MTV Brazil yesterday. I"gg"or Cavalera said: "Sepultura was always a band intended to mix their music with new elements. That's one of our main qualities."
Hey, did Sepultura start out on Chaos A.D. or Roots? I don't think so!


Funeralmoth said...

Searching for everything early Sepultura recorded this is a personal gem!

I still wonder what would have happened if Wagner wasn't thrown out of the band (except maybe, that something of Sarcófago would be missing) somewhere in 1986. I simply love Schizophrenia (with long since Ass-Kisser), but that would be interesting, too....

Funny, in a shitty 1996 Metal Hammer interview Max Cavalera was asked with whom he never would attend a sauna - his answer was: "With the guys of Sarcófago". Hahaha.

Fucking Grrrreeeeaaaat Blogg(kk)

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It's got surprisingly good sound quality considering it was probobly recorded on a boombox.Its like it.

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