Monday, July 28, 2008

Imperator - 1988 - Eternal Might demo

I actually got this through someone that contacted me via email after seeing my blog. They sent me a tape with some great Polish stuff on it and it included this demo, the first Imperator demo, the Mastomah demo and Kat's 1987 Live album (thanks again!).

This demo has a very evil atmosphere and I actually prefer this to the band's LP. It has a very, vary raw and filthy sound (even more so then the Exorcist demo) and has some great, bizarre riffing that favors the higher end of the fret boards. The drums can sound a bit blurry at first but let your ears adjust and they become quite clear.

This is just some excellent, evil, Polish death metal from 1988. Enjoy.


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paramecium said...

could you upload the Mastomah demo? I like to hear that one...thanks in advance!