Friday, February 13, 2009

Drakar - 1990 - Let Draka LP

Here is yet another obscure gem from Czechoslovakia. I think I have made it abundantly clear that I feel the aforementioned country has given us metal fans some of the greatest and most unique forms of metal that have ever emerged from the genre.

This LP from the obscure thrash band Drakar is no exception to my claim, as this is a great album with some really unique touches to it. Like country mates Assessor, the two guitarists utilize the higher end of the fret board, resulting in some really twisted riffs, topped off with some nicely executed drumming and unique vocals that use a number of different approaches. One of the many things I love about a lot of other Czech bands along with this one is that most of them write their lyrics in their native language, which really adds an extraordinary amount of character to the music and gives it a certain trait that you won't find anywhere else. Plus, it's just an overall interesting language.

All fans of Czech metal need this.



Aesop said...

Really great, thanks.

Elohim said...

Crazy Boy
Crazy Boy-ahoy.

ogre said...

serious Voivod influences in it, what do you think ?