Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Reviews

Here are some reviews I've written recently for Metal Archives for anyone who may be interested.

Apolion's Genocide - Olupicsid Nu A Anedro Sathanas
Blasphemophagher - Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse
Blasphemophagher/Necroholocaust - Triumph of Abominations (split 7")
Cadaver (Nor) - Hallucinating Anxiety
Cultes Des Ghoules - Häxan
Mortuary Drape - Into the Drape/Mourn Path LP
Mystifier - Tormenting the Holy Trinity (Demo)
Poison (Ger) - Into the Abyss (Demo)

Currently working on some more as I type this. Enjoy.



Greets! As I've seen in your review on MA, you also have the 2nd Apolion's Genocide-demo, and contrary to your opinion of that tape being gay, I wanted to ask if you could post it, as I still am searching for it for many years... If it's really bad, one can't help it then, haha! But would be cool if you could share it. Keep up the work!! Cheers!

nothingwheel said...

Nice handle on Metal Archives. That's my favorite Zappa album.

Paul Schofield said...

Yes, Uncle Meat is an absolute masterpiece.

And sorry THE DECEASED, I deleted that thing off my hard drive upon initial listening. Awful, awful stuff. Really.


Oh, well. Hm, I believe you. Just had small hope that it could be something interesting, as the first demo was THAT killer... Keep it up!

Paul Schofield said...

Yeah, I had high hopes too. That demo is just amazing.


That's a fucking awesome Mortuary Drape rev, Mr Schofield. Hail the Drape! Hail Satan and shit.