Sunday, February 15, 2009

Burnt Hills - 2007 - Cloud Nine

I have decided to start occasionally posting other forms of music on here other then metal. I'm not saying metal does not have plenty of variety in it, because it does, and anyone who listens to the genre can attest to that, but there are a lot of other bands that I would like to share with you all that are far from metal. Don't worry though, I will still be posting just as much metal as before, and this non-metal stuff will just be an addition.

Anyway, this album is amazing. Burnt Hills are a fairly new band who specialize in psychedelic, cacophonous and percussive-heavy noise jams, soaked in bong water and oozing with lysergia. The best thing about the album, and all other Burnt Hills material, is the drums. They use the twin drum bamboozlement effect, where both drummers are keeping the rhythm consistently precise throughout the album. Really, I can't stress enough how amazing these drums are. Imagine a 4-armed Dale Crover, using two of his arms to play pulsing tribal beats and the other two for the double cymbal effect. Aside from how awesome a four armed Dale Crover would be, imagine him replacing his odd but exact style he used in the Melvins with a much more groove oriented psychedelic pummeling. That hopefully should give you a general idea of what these drums sound like, because they are THAT good. From beginning to end, the multiple drummers lock into an infectious groove and are stopped by nothing. The album's highlight, by far, is the drumming. AMAZING.

Guided by the pulsing, double drummer rhythm section are the guitars. A total of 7 people contribute guitar during this session, 2 or 3 playing at one time, and 5 out of the 7 alternate between the drums and guitar throughout the song. Staying in sync with one another is not a concern for these guys. Each guitarist goes on their own trip of improvised madness and all of which work really well off eachother for the whole album. The bass is prominent in the mix and adds the required low end for a full sound, and like the guitars, it also strays from the other musicians, just adding to the already tripped out madness that is Cloud Nine.

The end result of all these elements when put together is an infectious and absolutely mind melting psychedelic noise freak out, and I highly advise everyone into psychedelic and experimental music to check it out. And seriously, for my fellow drummers, I could not recommend this any more.

One of Mediafire's only flaw is that it has a limit of 100 MB limit for non-member users, so I uploaded the album on megaupload and sendspace instead.



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