Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rippikoulu - 1993 - Musta Seremonia Demo

I like this demo a lot. It's definitely one of my favorite demos to have come out of Finland. Rippikoulu were a death metal band who, like country mates Purtenance, incorporated a good amount of sluggish DOOOOM elements and created something truly dark and dismal. Additionally, one of the other techniques they used to create such a feeling of impending doom is what bands like Autopsy and Incantation were doing at the time, which is while one guitar plays a chilling lead, the other keeps the low end brutality in tact by continuing to play the underlying riff.

I definitely recommend this to anyone into the old, filthy Finnish death metal sound, or anyone who just dug the Purtenance stuff, seeing as there are some similarities in sound. But despite the similarities, both bands still have enough other distinct characteristics that make it easy to differentiate one from the other.



MSOTBG said...

Love this shit, thanks for unearthing this tape

Ariel said...

It's awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

gandhiego said...

Svart Records.