Monday, August 25, 2008

Assesor - 1990 - Invaze LP

Assesor's one and only release, Invaze, is an excellent, unique slab of Czech death/thrash. The overall feel of the album is very unrefined and aggressive, but also kind of strange in some parts (all of which, are very good things).

Song structure wise, Assesor keep things very interesting with an unorthodox way of doing things, even by death and thrash metal standards. The vocals are penetrating, ruthless high-pitched rasps, which work perfectly because the guitars tend to stay on the higher end of the fretboard (that, or they just aren't that down-tuned), and move along viciously, one excellent riff after another. And when I say the riffing is excellent, I mean flawless and well thought out tremolo picked frenzies with a bit of weirdness and dissonance thrown in. The bass, which follows the guitar nicely, has a pretty cool clunky sound to it, but not in an irritating "funk metal" manner. The drums are also noteworthy for following along nicely during the oddly-timed sections and remain interesting without getting technical.

This is an excellent, underrated Czech metal gem. It is another perfect example of the versatility and originality that was once present in metal. You definitely won't find albums like this being made anymore.

Here is a nice vinyl rip. Enjoy.


Slovakia said...

thank for ASSESOR

Simon said...

great work! great album!

Velkaarn said...

Thanks for this vinyl rip, appreciated!