Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Törr - 1991 - Institut Klinické Smrti LP

Törr were are amazing band, and Institut Klinické Smrti is a perfect example why. They have a number of different, distinct sounds and are by no means a one dimensional band. Essentially all their sounds boil down to a blending of thrash metal and early black metal, but like I said, they had a lot different methods to play it and would change it up pretty much from song to song. You would never hear them recycling ideas.

This album showcases the band's amazing ability to write some brilliant blackened thrash metal. The vocals are harsher then what you hear on the on the 80's demo material but they also change from song to song. The riffing and song structures for the most part are also not as simplistic as the earlier stuff. This band really has a unique sound (or sounds) and will never be matched or reproduced, even though Nifelheim (Swe) do a pretty good job of showing how big of fans they are of this band through their music. But even then, they still can't do it the same way the mighty Törr can.



T. said...

Hey man, heavy thanks for posting this amazing album! I've got the LP myself (Direkt/CZ), but since I'm moving around currently, my vinyl collection is not accessible... VERY PLEASED to be able to blast this incredible piece of blackness again! 666 my friend! FUCK I missed this one!!!

T. said...

Is there anything heavier in this dimension than the opening riff of "Seru Krev"?!