Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nuclear Desecration - 2008 - Desecrated Temple of Impurity

Note: This is not the 128kbps shitrate that is circulating on soulseek, nor is it the "192" kbps TRANSCODE. It is my own 320 kbps CD rip.

There is a whole slew of new bands playing excellent, sinister old school black and death metal, but stuff THIS evil is hard to come by.

Nuclear Desecration play black/death metal in the vein of Blasphemy, Archgoat, Bestial Warlust etc., but incorporate a lot more tempo changes then the aforementioned bands, making the music a bit more death metal oriented at times. But don't get me wrong, each section is just as pummeling as the next, but there is just more variation in the writing. They can go from relentless Bestial Warlust blasting, to trudging Hellhammer rhythms to Profanatica type riffing in just one song.

This is a very promising album, and I am really anxious to get more material from this excellent band.

Here is my own 320kbps CD rip. Download, enjoy, then buy.



lkajfdslkjdfo said...

thanks for this. sounds completely death metal, though.

Paul Schofield said...