Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mutilated (Fra) - Psychodeath Lunatics + Resurrected bootleg LP

Mutilated were a very influential and important band to the French metal scene. Before the release of Mutilated's 1988 demo, Psychodeath Lunatics, there really was no death metal scene in France. Yes, France had their share of extreme bands such as Agressor, Loudblast and Massacra, that sounded too brutal to just be called "thrash metal", but these bands still had strong thrash metal characteristics. It wasn't until Mutilated (originally called Mutilator) came around that the distinct barrier between death and thrash metal was put in place, influencing oodles of other bands to follow.

This bootleg LP put out by Vodoo Evil Rec. contains the legendary 1988 Psychodeath Luntatics demo and the 1991 Resurrected demo. Although Resurrected is excellent, (other then that god damn snare drum), the 1988 demo is what really shines. It's just a shame that it is so short.

This is a rip from my own copy of the LP. Enjoy.

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Michel/The Seven Gates said...

Thank you for the nice comments. True Death Metal shall never die, the spirit lives on \m/