Sunday, August 31, 2008

Törr - 1990 - Armageddon LP

Armageddon is the very first Törr album, the brilliant black/thrash/speed metal masters from the Czech Republic. Although this album came out in 1990, it sounds like it could have been recorded between 1984 and 1988, when black metal was at it's peak and still had a lot of thrash and speed metal characteristics. And that isn't just because some of the songs were on demos made in the 80's, because all of their best material (everything before Made In Hell) has that great 80's black metal sound.

Like all of pre- Made in Hell era Törr, this album shows an incredible amount diversity between song styles which is one of the many things that makes this band so great. Some songs are at a slower pace such as "Žal" and the title track, while there are other songs that are all out rapid black/thrash assaults. But those aren't the only two sounds on the album. That would be a bit too one dimensional for the mighty Törr. The majority of the songs on here are made up of great non-repetitive riffs that make band's ability to write some great, versatile songs very clear. The diversity within the songs is also due to the vocalists (Vlasta and Ota) wide range of vocal styles, which can change section by section a number of times within just one song, as well as Radek Sladký's simple but effective, varied drumming.

This album is one of the best albums to have ever come of the black metal scene. Here is my own rip of it. Enjoy.

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Rondo said...

Man, you are the greatest...high quality metal (your taste is incredible) but more amazing is the high bit rate uplards, AND megaload instead of rapidshit! Thanks so much man, my metal folder thanks you, and i'm ordering a ton of these as i can pick them off now! Keep up the fantastic work!