Saturday, August 2, 2008

Holocausto - 1987 - Campo De Exterminio

NOTE: This is not the 128 kbps shitrate rip that is on soulseek (and I'm sure has made it's way onto other blogs). This is my own CD rip at 320 kbps.

Out of all those great 80's Cogumelo releases, this is definitely one of my favorites. The grimey production fits the music perfectly (although I'd prefer a thicker guitar tone), and still allows each instrument to breath. The vocals are similiar to what a lot of Brazilian bands were doing at the time, but that's a good thing. The riffing is probobly the best part of this album. It is a little atypical, but you just have to listen to them to really know what I'm talking about. The drums are pretty barbaric and simple, but they don't get boring or detract from the overall sound at all.

Like most 80's Brazilian death/thrash records, this album is great. It's a shame the band headed down the Sarcofago/Sepultura path and eventually started sucking.



Zalman said...

Hey dude! I fucking love most of the Cogumelo releases I've heard and this is definitly one of my favorites. You have a great taste in metal (old-school all the way!) and have uploaded some really great stuff. Keep up the good work!!


Craigore from NWN here, good fucking post! Thanks for your contribution. Until now I've only had a really shitty rip of this album.

Procession of Black Doom said...

Any chance to reupload?