Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mutilator (Fra) - 1987 - Omens of a Dark Fate demo

The French band Mutilator released one demo under that name before changing their name to Mutilated. The music here is pretty different from the first Mutilated demo, Psychodeath Lunatics. It is more of a bestial form of death/thrash, and in terms of speed and overall relentlessness, this demo is even more extreme then the demos being put out by Massacra and Agressor in '87. Although this is not the all-out death metal assault of Psychodeath Lunatics, it is still an awesome demo and had somewhat of a building block role in the French extreme metal scene.


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Michel/The Seven Gates said...

Nice review, thank you very much. I do really appreciate it that my work still got recognition years and years after.